Nastavitve piškotkov

Adult education

Adult education can be divided into formal and informal education. Formal education enables the acquisition of a publicly valid education, professional qualifications or a publicly valid document. Informal education on the other hand is intended for the acquisition, renewing, extension, updating and deepening of knowledge, but it is not proven with a publicly valid document.

Foreigners are entitled to programmes of integration into the educational system for the acquisition of a publicly valid education. The educational offer intended for adults is presented on the website Publicly valid programmes not designed solely for adults, but in which adults may participate, are available on the website of the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.

Primary education of adults is organised by several organisations, primary schools for adults and Peoples’ Universities and is free of charge.

National vocational qualifications (NVQ)

A national vocational qualification is a vocational or professional qualification required for pursuing a profession or carrying out individual sets of responsibilities in the framework of a profession on a certain level of complexity.

An NVQ can be obtained by individuals in school education, by finishing parts of education programmes for vocational or professional education, programmes of vocational training and retraining if provided for in these programmes, by finishing parts of study programmes for higher education or by finishing retraining study programmes or if the individual can prove that he or she achieves standards of professional knowledge and skills laid down in the Catalogue adopted in accordance with the law.

Vocational qualifications acquired by finishing education programmes are to be proven with school certificates, diplomas and other documents. A public document that is not obtained in the formal school system is a certificate on vocational qualifications.

The general condition for the acquisition of certificates is that the holder is at least 18 years old. The costs of the procedure for the acquisition of an NVQ need to be paid by the candidates.

Help and additional information when making a decision regarding enrolment in education programmes are also available at the local consultation centres (ISIO) for adult education and learning. The list is accessible on the website

In centres for self-study (SSU) you can independently and free of charge solidify and acquire knowledge, primarily in the field of foreign languages and computer science. Help will be provided by qualified informers and counsellors. There are 32 centres for self-study in Slovenia. The list is accessible on the website

Help and support for learning and education is free for participants.